There is so much on the web these days about CBD and why (or why) not you should use it. So many pieces written by so-called experts who are really just trying to get you to buy their product. My goal with this piece is to help you see the user’s perspective without the pressure or awkwardness of a sales pitch.

I am 37 years old and have what could be considered a moderate version of Tourettes. My tics are mostly physical (head, neck, shoulders) but can be vocal in times of nervousness or concentration. As with several other Tourettes “patients” I have met, my condition is accompanied by anxiety, ADD, OCD, and a general frenetic way of being. The lead up to a physical tic is a feeling of pressure or burning in the lower pelvic area that cannot be relieved by any other means.

Why did I choose CBD?Tourettes ribbon

I am a believer in natural treatments, which I was never able to find for Tourettes. The only options that had previously been offered were sedatives; and I did not want to be in a constant stupor or altered states just to avoid tics.

I was introduced to the concept of using cannabis products by my brother’s wife, who uses hemp oil to help her four-year-old son with symptoms related to his sensory disorder. In his case, hemp oil has been their go-to for two years. They have seen nothing but positive results. As I was in the market and have seen the difference in his behavior before and after taking his hemp, my mind was made up.

How does CBD oil make me feel?

Let me premise this by saying that I take a 25 mg/mL extra strength dose that is meant for sufferers of chronic pain and anxiety. Within seconds of taking a dose, I feel a sense of relief from Tourettes symptoms that starts with an overall calm. Within a couple of minutes, the pressure and burning that I feel that ultimately leads to tics is gone. The best way to describe the sensation is to say that, for a time, my body feels like it is not able to produce a tic, which is a relief. My anxiety is lessened; my OCD briefly dissipates; and I have an overall sense of balance that simply was not there before. CBD has never caused me to have any of the side effects that often accompany western medical products:  No nausea or vomiting, no heartburn, no sedation, drowsiness, or clouded thinking. It just works!


CBD for me is not too good to be true. It has been real, SAFE, and effective in my experience.

I am not advocating this treatment for anyone.  Just reporting experience that CBD has really helped me.

According to the National Academies of Science, limited studies on cannabis and Tourettes have been completed which demonstrate some of the same effects I have experienced.  You can read more about this report on our website here:

As always, CannaTrials’ mission is to conduct clinical research on the health effects of marijuana to demonstrate the usefulness of specific products for specific health conditions.

If you are using a cannabis product for Tourettes, we encourage you to participate in our national survey called the PROMMISE Study, which in 10 quick minutes, documents your experience with products and how they effect your condition.  The Study is confidential and HIPAA compliant.  We welcome your participation.

About Jerrod Nelms, PhD

Jerrod Nelms, PhD, MPH is an expert in epidemiology, biostatistics, and public health. He is a proven leader with nearly a dozen years of experience in health research. Dr. Nelms is a master in clinical study design and execution as well as an advocate for the medicinal use of cannabis products. He is consultant to CannaTrials, advising on study protocol design, statistical analysis, clinical study reporting, and trial oversight. Dr. Nelms is also a contributor to CannaTrials’ growing library of educational blogs and videos.


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