On Thursday, April 4 bi-partisan members in both the House and the Senate gave support to “Strengthening the Tenth Amendment Through Entrusting States (STATES) Act,” filed by Reps. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) and David Joyce (R-OH).  This legislation gives States the right to create and enforce cannabis laws without interference from the federal government, and protects citizens under State law rather than current federal prohibitions.

There are 26 co-sponsors, half Republican and half Democrat, in the House.  In the Senate, there are 10 co-sponsors again split between the parties.  A previous law was considered in the 2018 Congress, but not passed.  Rep Blumenauer is in touch with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office, who understands the need for reform.

In addition to the National Cannabis Industry Association, the bill is supported by National Conference of State Legislatures, American Bankers Association, ACLU,  Americans for Prosperity, Americans for Tax Reform, Competitive Enterprise Institute, Cooperative Credit Union Association, and Credit Union National Association and a number of Indian tribes.

CannaTrials heartily supports State control over cannabis.  It brings enormous revenues to strapped state budgets.  It allows states to advocate for and protect its own citizens based on State laws.  It allows states to use cannabis revenues in ways that best serve the interest of the State and its citizens.  Finally, it allows states to manage what will become regulation over labeling of cannabis products for both ingredients and health benefits.

CannaTrials is committed to clinical research on cannabis and providing evidence-based information to the 1) public, 2) producers, 3) health professionals, 4) dispensaries and 5) state officials on the efficacy of cannabis in addressing symptoms of disease and disorders.  This “pentangle of interest” at each State level will bring the proven benefits of cannabis to public awareness, so that we use the amazing properties of the plant for the highest benefit to those who need it most.  CannaTrials invites us all to “Do Good by doing good.”

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass) added “Congress should take immediate action on these important issues by passing the bipartisan STATES Act and protecting states, territories, and tribal nations as they implement their own marijuana laws without federal interference.” 


About Jonathan Marx, MBA

Jonathan Marx, MBA, is CannaTrials Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer. His expertise is in online medical and health education as well as dissemination. He has helped train more than 15,000 medical professionals online. His orientation to evidence-based medicine drives his interest in developing evidence for cannabis and health, so that patients can use cannabis most effectively, and so that producers can craft the best products to address diseases and symptoms.