A Solution for CBD Health Claims

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I was disappointed but not terribly surprised that at some point the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), with its cousin the FTC (Federal Trade Commission), would take some action together against CBD companies, as mentioned in Jonathan Marx’s article1 on health claims and self-regulation, as well as Steven Schain’s article2 on the FDA Cracking the...

Tourettes and CBD – A User’s Perspective

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There is so much on the web these days about CBD and why (or why) not you should use it. So many pieces written by so-called experts who are really just trying to get you to buy their product. My goal with this piece is to help you see the user’s perspective without the pressure...

Can Medical Cannabis Cure Prescription Drug Abuses

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What’s wrong with our pharma industry? I understand the need to make a profit and invest in expensive research for future products – I’m a businessman. But we keep hearing a series of negative stories about drug companies. According to a recently unsealed deposition, excerpts of which appeared an article by David Armstrong of ProPublica...


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