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We are here to help patients, health professionals, dispensaries, growers / processors, and government agencies
learn more about cannabis and its medical uses.

In addition to the information we are collecting, we have compiled helpful information from other sources and brought it to you here for your convenience and use.

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An evidence-based guide to what is known about the effect of medical marijuana on medical conditions.  Based on 2017 expansive research from the National Academies of Science.
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Want to know the current cannabis laws in YOUR State?  We’ve got current data.
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We keep up to date on clinical trials going on in the U.S.  You can search and sort by condition, location, and recruiting status.
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Need to know where marijuana dispensaries are located, so you can buy product(s) you need?  We’ve got a current list, continually updated.
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Are you a grower or processor, who wants to know how many people have particular conditions in particular States?  We have the data, and can share that with you.
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