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Our Vision for Processors and Growers


  • Arranges for clinical trials in local areas to test the effect of formulations on specific health conditions.

  • Enables accurate labeling claims to spur helpful promotion to consumers. 

  • Encourages innovation from other clinical trial results around the country.

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Interested in participating in a Medical Cannabis Clinical Trial?

How This Works

1. You Submit your Application below.

2. We confirm receipt and hold your information in confidence according to Good Business Practices and GDPR Regulations.

3. We review your Location, Product Line, Website and “Health Conditions you’d like to study” , and CONTACT YOU to discuss trial design and implementation.

4. We keep in touch with you via email to educate you about new developments in trials and treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

For both food and drugs, there are stringent requirements at the Federal Level for what is declared on a product label about health claims, nutrient content claims, and structure/function claims (ie “calcium builds strong bones.”)

While cannabis at this time is regulated at the State level, it is fully anticipated that labeling requirements will be developed related to health claims, product ingredients and strength, as well as source.

CannaTrials assures that your product’s health claims are tested and accurately stated, so that physicians make evidence-based recommendations and so that consumers rely on health benefit statements from your company.  

Consumers will seek your product by name, driven by evidence-based health claims, thereby increasing trust and sales.  You will be in compliance with anticipated state labeling laws. You will protect yourself from lawsuits against inaccurate label claims.  

CannaTrials will promote your business on our website and in emails, which will be getting significant traffic and audience from social media.

CannaTrials can test any number of your products.

Our specialists can discuss a testing strategy for your product line.

CannaTrials reviews your product line and website information.  We contact you to discuss clinical trial design and processes, and begin to identify local health professionals who can oversee your trial with patient involvement.  We also connect with local dispensaries where patients can pick up your product in specified doses.

Clinical trials vary widely in scope and cost. We have a number of plans from which to choose. In consultation with you, we examine your product lines and sales potential, as well as assist in your projection of  Return on Investment for your product in use with specific health conditions. Pricing is quoted and guaranteed before any trial contract is signed.

Apply for a Clinical Trial

Processors Growers Apply Here