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  • Provides evidence-based information on the effectiveness of cannabis formulations for treating specific health conditions.

  • Enables participation opportunities in nearby clinical trials with partnered physicians, dispensaries, processors, and growers.

  • Offers online information and education on the quickly expanding base of cannabis medical science. 

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Interested in participating in a Medical Cannabis Clinical Trial?

How This Works

You Submit your Application below.

We confirm receipt and hold your information in confidenceaccording to HIPAA and GDPR Regulations.

We match your Health Conditions of Interest with nearby clinical trials. There is no charge to participate. Study related expenses will be reimbursed.

We keep in touch with you via email to educate you about new developments in treatment.

When a matching study becomes available we’ll email you and show you how to determine your eligibility.

If you qualify, you may choose to participate in the Trial which may include office visits as well as online form completions. A clinical research professional monitors your progress throughout the study, and documents your response to the study compound.

Your participation in clinical trials is important, and along with other study participants, allows the research team to summarize results in a final report that you will receive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our research team will screen you for inclusion into the Trial and assure the Trial is appropriate for you. Our research professionals (doctors, nurses, CRAs, and others) monitor all study participants’ health throughout the study and are available for any health concerns relating to the study. The National Institutes of Health have conducted many studies in an attempt to determine cannabis’ negative effects and have found none. Cannabis has been used for centuries as a folk medicine cure with both curative effects and no negative long term effects to studied populations.

To assure yourself, you can read more about the National Academies of Medicine 2017 report on safety and benefits of medical marijuana here.

Medical marijuana has been shown to have many health benefits you can read about here.

Our CannaTrials are carefully designed by primary investigators (scientists who are usually MDs or PHDs) to test effectiveness of specific THC, CBD, and botanical products for specific effects to improve health and quality of life for patients.

Each study varies in length based on several factors including the anticipated length of time that an expected treatment may be required before results can be obtained. Some studies are short such as studies that look at the effects of cannabis on nausea and vomiting as a result of receiving chemotherapy – we hope anyone going through chemo has a fast and positive experience, whereas other studies may take longer to determine the effects.

The time commitment will be described in your screening to see if this Trial is right for you.
Typically a trial will require a few doctor’s office visits, pickup of the test compound at a local Dispensary, and completion of online or in-office reporting forms.
All information is held in complete confidence, and you may view your medical record.

We will stay in touch with you before, during, and after the Trial when you share your Contact Information to the RIGHT.  When you are accepted into a Trial, you will be given contact information of all relevant research related parties, know where to go and when, and be able to contact your research team directly.

Apply to Participate in a Clinical Trial

Patients Apply Here