Oklahoma becomes the 30th State to legalize medical marijuana as of the end of June, 2018, in a ballot initiative approved by 56% of voters.

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority, a division of the Oklahoma Department of Health, has been established to oversee regulations and enforcement within the State.

From the Vox news release:
“A 2017 review of the research, from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, found that marijuana is a promising treatment for chronic pain, chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting, and multiple sclerosis.

The evidence of marijuana’s efficacy for other medical conditions is weak. That’s not necessarily because pot is ineffective for treating those conditions, but because supporting research is simply nonexistent or lacking. One big reason: federally, marijuana remains illegal for any purpose. For years, the federal ban has imposed harsh regulatory hurdles on research about pot — in large part allowing studies about marijuana’s risks but not its benefits. That’s made it difficult for researchers to gain a better grasp of the drug’s potential medical benefits.”

On the first day licenses were made available to the public, the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority received over 1,600 applications (1,054 patients and 634 businesses.)
The State made over $1.7 million in license fees alone on that first day, and antcipates gathering 7% of sales revenues as tax.

The legalization of marijuana is proving a boon to State tax revenues wherever marijuana has been legalized, a significant incentive for approval when considered with
the high degree of population support.

CannaTrials’ goal is to increase the number of reseearch studies on medical cannabis so that knowledge about the substance is evidence-based.

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