The State of Missouri will be voting on not one, but three initiatives in November 2018, considering the legalization of medical marijuana.
According to State rules, if more than one initiative gets voted in on the same topic, the initiative with the most votes wins.

In State polls, Missourians support legalization.  In one “Isidewith” poll, 68% of voters supported some form of legalization.
Among the three ballots, State revenue projections vary from $10 million to $66 million annually depending on the rate of taxation.

Tom Mundell, chairman of the Missouri Association of Veterans’ Organizations, said, “We can dramatically improve the lives of thousands of Missouri veterans by passing this critical medical marijuana initiative petition. Our proposal will both provide veterans suffering illnesses much-needed relief and provide resources for underfunded veterans health care programs throughout Missouri.”

BallotPedia reports, “Sheila Dundon, a member of New Approach Missouri, filed five different versions of the initiative with the Secretary of State’s office between November 18 and November 28, 2016. In December 2016, Dundon said activists had surveyed the state and were confident that voters would approve the measure. New Approach Missouri selected one of the proposals—Initiative 2018-051—to collect signatures for. The initiative was approved for signature gathering on January 5, 2017.

In October 2017, Jack Cardetti, a representative of New Approach Missouri, said that the group had collected about 100,000 signatures. On February 20, 2018, New Approach Missouri reported that more than 200,000 signatures had been collected.

On May 4, 2018, New Approach Missouri reported filing more than 370,000 signatures for the ballot initiative. On August 2, 2018, Ashcroft announced that the ballot initiative qualified to appear on the ballot.”

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