Medical Marijuana and Medical Conditions

Here’s what we know about medical marijuana and its use in treating medical conditions.  Our source is a 2017 reputable report from from the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine.**  Click the health condition you are interested in below, and we’ll provide you quoted material from this thorough and reliable publication.

Cannatrials’ Mission and Vision is to create partnerships at the State level where cannabis already is legal, with medical marijuana products formulated by producers and growers, and distributed by dispensaries.  CannaTrials will bring together marijuana doctors and patients with ailments to perform comparative clinical trials which determine whether specific products effectively improve medical conditions so that product labeling is accurate, has medical science behind it, which increases consumer trust and reliance on products, and increases the reputation of both producers and dispensaries participating in studies. This path will quicken the acceptance and use of medical marijuana for clinical purposes by patients, physicians, processors and growers, dispensaries and state governments.

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