In an article from January 15, 2019 in the LV Review Journal titled Marijuana lounges in Las Vegas face hurdle: Alcohol

The article

discusses the need for cannabis lounges here in Vegas. While local residents can consume at home, hotels don’t let the 40+ million visitors to town consume in their rooms without adding a ‘smoke’ fee to clean up. So you can buy legal marijuana but can’t consume it. Enter the lounges.

Marijuana consumption loungesThe Clark County Commissioners are ready to go with lounges as are the Metropolitan Police. However the Commissioners want to make certain these lounges don’t fail so Clark County Commissioner Bob Coffin inserted alcohol use in the current bill to give establishments “economic viability,”. For Metro police officials this is a non-starter. They note 22 percent of road fatalities involve a driver under the influence of both alcohol and marijuana. Metro has become convinced that adding alcohol to cannabis is a potential problem. Would they be bars or places like Lounge Buddy, where you can purchase airport lounge time?

The article’s author Shea Johnson has it right. With elected officials wanting to make sure the lounges succeed financially, alcohol is an easy solution to provide the financial underpinnings to assure success. Metro understandably is concerned about combining essentially liquor bars with cannabis lounges.

I think there might be alternative models to alcohol sales as a method of retaining fiscal viability. Consumption lounges first and foremost solve a problem for visitors to our great town, and after all visitors to our town is what this town has been all about. The problem they solve is about $250 worth of hotel surcharge when these visitors use their hotel room as a consumption space.

Since visitors come here for several days at a time, perhaps selling access to the lounge for the total duration of a visit could provide both additional revenue and  return clients instead of a one time admission price.

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