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  • Consults on clinical trial design and reporting standards statewide.

  • Assists with state labeling standards for consumer information.

  • Provides educational and informational materials on the latest in cannabis medical science.

  • Generates reputable spending opportunities with cannabis tax revenues.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Human clinical trials are controlled tests on human subjects whose intent is to prove that certain treatments work better than others or just to determine if a treatment is effective for a specific condition and safe to use.

Successful trials allow the product manufacturer to make health claims related to the research that cannot be contested by either the FDA or FTC or other regulatory agency and also serve to inform healthcare professionals, product advocates and the public about buying decisions.

CannaTrials is pioneering the field of clinical trials for cannabis on a state silo basis to enable scientifically based research that supports accurate labeling and health claims.  While not overseen at the Federal level due to the excessive delays and lack of finished product availability through that system, CannaTrials incorporates the highest rigor and is working with State Governments, processors, dispensaries, doctors and patients, to provide accurate labeling of health claims on cannabis products based upon data from clinical trials.

Our experts have created standards for cannabis clinical trials that can be applied in your state to have products labeled correctly and safely for the consuming public.  CannaTrials is designing and conducting clinical trials in your State, working with processors / growers on particular products, and additionally with dispensaries and physicians for the implementation of such trials.  CannaTrials’ experts can work with your State Agency to establish standards for cannabis clinical trials and accurate labeling requirements.

CannaTrials has numerous sources of funding related to clinical trials.  CannaTrials receives funding from processors and growers who want their products tested.  CannaTrials also receives funding from State Governments’ marijuana tax revenues to ensure consistent testing and labeling standards in the State.

CannaTrials’ founders bring decades of experience in clinical trial management, medical education, doctor and patient communications, as well as multi-media and database expertise.  See About Us for more information.

Please contact Joseph Sameh, President to arrange a Needs Assessment and desired goals of your Agency.

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