Through a growing number of cannabis co-ops, patients and families are finding compassionate care from like-minded individuals who have experienced both long-term suffering with a disease state and associated prescribed medications, as well as significant symptom relief from cannabis products.  While insurance does not yet cover the cost of using medical cannabis, patients and families are still finding it worth the money to try the benefits of medical marijuana.

The news story below covers a young California girl with a rare form of epilepsy called Dravet Syndrome.  She and her parents suffered her multiple-times-a-day seizures until they heard about a local cannabis co-op that recommended a combination THC (psycho-active) and CBD (non-psycho-active) oil that ended up being prescribed by her UC San Francisco neurologist, who took her off all other synthetic medications.   Seizure frequency is now drastically reduced to just a couple times a week.

The approximate $80/day cost of the oil was unaffordable for the family, so the local non-profit co-op gifted them a year’s supply.  The co-op lost its non-profit status when California made recreational cannabis legal.  However, the co-op is planning to re-open as a for-profit dispensary, and a State house bill is wending its way through approval to re-establish the non-profit status of the co-op.

While these stories continue to be convincing and anecdotal, CannaTrials’ objective is to establish evidence-based clinical trials that test specific strains of medical marijuana for their effectiveness in reducing symptoms for specific diseases, so that patients may rely on accurate labeling and results based on repeated and documented trials.

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