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Our Vision for Dispensaries


  • Arranges for your Dispensary to be a distribution center for products being tested in your area.

  • Assists you with promoting products which have undergone successful clinical trials.

  • Provides ongoing education materials for your store staff to enable informed consumer choice.

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Interested in participating in a Medical Cannabis Clinical Trial?

How This Works

1. You Submit your Application below.

2. We confirm receipt and hold your information in confidence according to Good Business Practices and GDPR Regulations.

3. We review your Location and “Health Conditions of Interest” , and CONTACT YOU  to discuss your Dispensary’s role in and training for a clinical trial.

4. We keep in touch with you via email to educate you about new developments in trials and treatment.

5. We work with you to  craft a communications and marketing plan to help attract trial participants and distribute trial product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Human clinical trials are controlled tests on human subjects whose intent is to prove that certain treatments work better than others or just to determine if a treatment is effective for a specific condition and safe to use.

Successful trials allow the product manufacturer to make health claims related to the research that cannot be contested by either the FDA or FTC or other regulatory agency and also serve to inform healthcare professionals, product advocates and the public about buying decisions.

CannaTrials is pioneering the field of clinical trials for cannabis on a state silo basis to enable scientifically based research that supports accurate labeling and health claims.  While not overseen at the Federal level due to the excessive delays and lack of finished product availability through that system, CannaTrials incorporates the highest rigor and is working with State Governments, processors, dispensaries, doctors and patients, to provide accurate labeling of health claims on cannabis products based upon data from clinical trials.

Your Dispensary(ies) can be a resource for conducting solid research by serving as both a recruitment touchpoint for patients interested in participating as well as the distribution point for cannabis product being tested in clinical trials.

Participation in a CannaTrial brings new traffic, credibility, and trust to your Dispensary.  Doctors’ patients will be coming to your facility to pick up pre-packaged dosing of particular cannabis strains for use in treating various health conditions.  This means increased traffic, trust, and future revenues for new products.

CannaTrials will train your staff on clinical trials in general, and on the specific products your Dispensary will handle during clinical trials you register for. 

When you participate in a CannaTrial, your Dispensary will be promoted on our website and in emails to inform consumers about your involvement in and support of evidence-based medicine.  Additionally, local physicians participating in CannaTrials will be referring their patients to your Dispensary for product distribution. Participation in CannaTrials provides you a gold standard in modern day healthcare.  You are supporting fact-based medicinal claims for cannabis.

At the Federal Level, the FDA, FTC, and USDA handle regulations for the majority of food and meat products, drugs and nutraceuticals.  

Because cannabis is being regulated at the State level, State governments will be developing labeling standards for cannabis products.  CannaTrials is working with State Governments to design labeling standards that make sense and which adhere to accurate and provable claims about medical and health benefits.  

You will want the products your Dispensary sells to be in compliance with labeling standards and CannaTrials can help. Additionally, compliant labeling will allow customers to easily identify the expected benefits of the product and improve customer loyalty. Your participation in a CannaTrial near you will be your introduction to accurate and safe product labeling.


There is a one-time training fee for your staff so that you can follow protocol as regards recruitment materials and study product availability.

In addition, your staff will become familiar with research being conducted, and you will attract new customers as a result of the research being conducted.  We will discuss with you optional premium plans for marketing your participation in a study to further your establish your reputation and presence in the community. 

Apply to Participate in a Clinical Trial

Dispensaries Apply Here