Why do research for medical marijuana?

Our expertise is clinical trials. We set up clinical trials in partnership with physicians, processors and growers, dispensaries, and the public.

Clinical trials test, in a rigorous scientific manner, whether a particular hypothesis, treatment, or medical device, is effective and safe. 

Independent Review Boards (IRBs) review and approve clinical trial study design to avoid bias and ascertain maintenance of highest ethical standards so that data collection and analysis are accurate and, most importantly, that patient safety and confidentiality are maintained.

Clinical trials:

  • Have been used for centuries by medical professionals and policy makers
  • Are used worldwide to test potential treatments in humans
  • Determine whether successful compounds should be approved for wider use in the general population
  • Lead to gold standards in care, based on evidence
  • Create public awareness and help expand new products to new markets
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CannaTrials Method

CannaTrials is working at the state level where medical marijuana is now legal.  Thirty states plus the District of Columbia have passed legislation that makes medicinal and/or recreational cannabis legal for growing, processing, distribution, and consumption.  We form clinical trial partnerships of local processors and growers, physicians, dispensaries, and consumers.  We welcome state government input.

Ours are typically small trials which prove or disprove the efficacy of a particular strain or form of cannabis in treating particular health conditions. Such proof will enable legal label claims by processors and provide much needed guidance to both health care professionals and the public alike.

Our clinical trials are similar to the nutraceutical industry. Nutraceuticals do not require FDA approval.  They require only scientific research in order to make label claims about health benefits of their products.  

At the federal level, cannabis is currently illegal. Despite repeated attempts to have this changed, cannabis is still classified as a Schedule 1 drug which has “no currently acceptable medical use and a high potential for abuse.” The Federal Government has funded numerous studies to demonstrate potential harms of marijuana and has not funded research that demonstrates medical benefits of consumption. 

Despite the federal law, a 2017 Marist/Yahoo poll shows 83% of Americans strongly support the legalization of marijuana, and 22% of Americans use marijuana regularly, many for its health benefits.

Therefore CannaTrials is not attempting to obtain Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approval for a cannabis as a medicine.  We are advocating a next step in cannabis science by testing formulations for their health benefits and providing evidence for accurate labeling.


CannaTrials has developed a unique and ground-breaking model for establishing the efficacy, safety, and label claims of cannabis product for various ailments.

    • CannaTrials moves cannabis knowledge from anecdotal to scientific.


    • CannaTrials can unlock hidden value within cannabis infused products.


    • CannaTrials engages state officials and the cannabis industry in mutual cooperation on local policy, confirming medical and scientific standards, and potential financial support of this pursuit of knowledge.


  • CannaTrials engages the public with education, direction for new studies, and potential funding of trials relevant to health needs.

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