Seniors – Pain – and Cannabis

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Seniors are finding more and more that cannabis is an effective way to reduce their pain and other symptoms, as well as their dependence on traditional medication. Driven by expense and dissatisfaction with their current treatments, patients aged 65 and up are becoming increasingly supportive of medical marijuana and are the fastest-growing demographic of cannabis...

Epilepsy and medical marijuana

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Through a growing number of cannabis co-ops, patients and families are finding compassionate care from like-minded individuals who have experienced both long-term suffering with a disease state and associated prescribed medications, as well as significant symptom relief from cannabis products.  While insurance does not yet cover the cost of using medical cannabis, patients and families...

Medical Marijuana Reduces Medicaid Prescriptions in States where Marijuana is Legalized

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A 2017 study by researchers shows a reduction in Medicaid prescriptions filled for various ailments in states where medical marijuana is legal or available. Prescriptions for the following conditions were reduced significantly for five out of nine ailments studied: Depression – 13% reduction Nausea – 17% reduction Psychosis – 12% reduction Seizure disorders – 12%...


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