A Solution for CBD Health Claims

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I was disappointed but not terribly surprised that at some point the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), with its cousin the FTC (Federal Trade Commission), would take some action together against CBD companies, as mentioned in Jonathan Marx’s article1 on health claims and self-regulation, as well as Steven Schain’s article2 on the FDA Cracking the...

Clinical Research on Medical Marijuana

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In 2017, the National Academies of Science produced a 486 page report detailing what is known about the effects of marijuana on various health conditions based on scientific research gathered to date. The report is called “The Health Effects of Cannabis and Cannabinoids: The Current State of Evidence and Recommendations for Research.”  The report looks...

Seniors are the fastest growing group of cannabis users

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In my years working in patient communications, two of the main areas I worked in included patient to doctor communications and patient recruitment for clinical research projects. Our patient to doctor communications business accepted 10 million live phone calls annually, mostly from patients, on behalf of the 17,000 physicians we worked for. The calls covered...

Clinical Trial Problems We Solve

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I have 20 years of clinical trials experience.  PhoneScreen, the patient recruitment, retention, and compliance firm I founded was committed to improving methods of acquiring patients to clinical research and  retaining them there till the end of the study.  After initial headwinds, our groundbreaking work was rewarded by being part of research programs with over...


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