Cannabis Revenue Potentials by Health Condition

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Our Cannabis Revenue Potentials Calculator

  1. Calculates potential product revenues by State and health conditions of your choice
  2. Is based on population data and health condition prevalence by State
  3. Allows you to play with monthly product pricing
  4. Calculates potential monthly and annual product revenues by State based on market share

CannaTrials helps your company:

  1. Stand out from your peers!  Do good by doing good.
  2. Demonstrate the effectiveness of your product in addressing specific health conditions
  3. Identify the appropriate patient population for your medical cannabis
  4. Improve patient satisfaction with symptom relief through the use of your clinically tested product

Helpful Tips:

  1. People who suffer from health conditions don’t always get relief with traditional treatments.
  2. Certain health conditions show patients have 40% or great dissatisfaction rates with their existing treatments.
  3. As a producer you have a pretty good idea about why people are buying and using your product. 
  4. These projections will help you identify within your state, how many people suffer from a particular condition.
  5. You can enter the average monthly per buyer spend and the calculator will show you the potential you have in that niche. 

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