An August 29, 2018 report out of King’s College, London, shows that cannabidiol (CBD) the non-intoxicating substance of the cannabis plant, shows significant relief for psychotic symptoms in young adults who have not yet been diagnosed as psychotic but who have abnormal brain activity leading to psychotic events.  A single dose of CBD was administered to  a portion of young adults with distressing psychotic symptoms.  16 received CBD, while 17 received a placebo. 

The severity of symptoms was significantly reduced in the treatment group, evidencing a reduction in abnormal brain activity.

“The mainstay of current treatment for people with psychosis are drugs that were first discovered in the 1950s and unfortunately do not work for everyone,” says Dr. Sagnik Bhattacharyya, from the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience (IoPPN). “Our results have started unravelling the brain mechanisms of a new drug that works in a completely different way to traditional anti-psychotics.” 

The research team is now launching a large-scale, multi-center trial to expand upon the results achieved in this first study.


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