CannaTrials Releases Nationwide Survey on Patient Use of Medical Marijuana

Tuesday January 29, 2019

CannaTrials ( President Joseph Sameh announced today the publication of a national survey for consumers to share their use of medical marijuana for specific health conditions.  The survey documents what ailments patients use cannabis for, the type of product used, frequency of use, and self-reported results about effects on symptom reduction.

The PROMMISE Study is HIPAA compliant and secure on CannaTrials’ proprietary platform, ensuring privacy of information shared.

Patients can participate in The PROMMISE Study at CannaTrials encourages enrollment by interested United States residents to create a large and reliable database for analysis.

One item of particular interest to the research is documenting how patients who use opioids also use cannabis for symptom relief and/or opioid reduction.  A second is how veterans use cannabis to effect symptoms of PTSD.

The PROMMISE Study will be used to a) create continuing education material for health professionals, so they become more educated about cannabis use, b) create educational materials for the public as appropriate, and c) present information to cannabis producers as a guide to new product production or testing.

CannaTrials organizes clinical trials to demonstrate medical benefits of specific cannabis products for diseases and conditions. Cannatrials provides research and education services to doctors, patients, processors, dispensaries, and government agencies in order to bring evidence-based scientific and medical research to a quickly growing industry.  CannaTrials is pioneering ground-breaking study strategies, design, and implementation.

“With cannabis decriminalized or legalized in 38 States, we have reached a turning point in acceptance by the general public as well as State legislatures.  It is time for us to move beyond anecdotal stories about the benefits of cannabis to a more rigorous scientific approach detailing symptom relief, so that producers produce better product, and so that consumers save money and reduce experimentation by zeroing in on products known to work for the health conditions they have.”

CannaTrials is staffed by experts in the field who have deep experience in clinical trial design, recruitment, compliance and reporting; mobile app building to facilitate all aspects of a study; and multi-media dissemination and health education.  CannaTrials is working with producers to test products, assisted by dispensaries and local physicians who will work with patients.

PROMMISE stands for Pilot Research Observing Medical Marijuana use in multiple conditions Including opioid and Symptom Experience reduction.

Media inquiries:  Please contact CannaTrials at for prompt response.