Our Experience

  • 20 years in clinical trial support services (investigator and patient recruitment and management, site management, reporting)
  • Major pharmaceutical clients, 250,000+ enrolled subjects in thousands of studies
  • Authored two books on patient recruitment and retention
  • 20 years of accredited medical education and public education experience
  • 10’s of thousands of documented education sessions; 100’s of thousands views on YouTube and social media
  • Training U.S. Centers for Disease Control in medical communications since 2007
  • Nationwide use of online apps and audience recruitment
  • Multiple start-up and growth experiences

Our Vision

Medical Cannabis is:

  • Evaluated fairly by medical science for its benefits and risks for public consumption.
  • Tested via clinical trials through local partnerships of consumers, physicians, processors, growers, and dispensaries.
  • Manufactured and labeled with the same standards as neutraceuticals and supplements.
  • Regulated at the State level to reflect State values and achieve mutual benefits for all parties.

Our Mission

For Individuals / families

  • Provide evidence-based information on the effectiveness of cannabis formulations for treating specific health conditions.
  • Enable participation opportunities in nearby clinical trials with partnered physicians, dispensaries, processors, and growers.
  • Offer online information and education on the quickly expanding base of cannabis medical science.   

For Physicians

  • Support marijuana doctors, and introduce new doctors to the benefits of cannabis therapy.
  • Encourage doctors to innovate with local cannabis clinical trials without having to handle study product.
  • Provide ongoing continuing education for doctors and staff about cannabis medical.

For Processors and Growers

  • Arrange for clinical trials in local areas to test the effect of formulations on specific health conditions.
  • Enable accurate labeling claims to spur helpful promotion to consumers. 
  • Encourage innovation from other clinical trial results around the country.

For Cannabis Dispensaries

  • Participating in clinical trials by being the distribution center for tested product.
  • Promoting products which have undergone successful clinical trials.
  • Ongoing education materials for store staff to enable informed consumer choice.

For State Governments

  • Consulting on clinical trial design and reporting standards statewide.
  • Assisting with state labeling standards for consumer information.
  • Providing educational and informational materials on the latest in cannabis medical science.

Our Team

Joseph Sameh, President

Joseph Sameh
and Co-Founder

Joseph (Joe) Sameh is a healthcare entrepreneur and recognized industry leader, author, and speaker.  He has more than a decade experience as medical practice manager with a previous 30 year career in computer, telephone, and communications systems. His unique contributions to better patient access in clinical trials, patient recruitment ,and enhanced management of the process, are widely recognized. Among his inventions, Sameh invented what we know of as the patient communications portal in your electronic health record that allows you to communicate with your physician.  Starting a call center for doctors in Chicago, MediConnect evolved to provide services to more than 17,000 physicians nationwide plus the majority of Chicago area hospitals.

MediConnect also managed the communications needs of some of the largest medical practices throughout the United States including large regional providers ranging from as far east as Virginia’s Riverside Medical and Mid-Atlantic’s The Lewis Gale Clinics to the west’s Tillamook County, WA health department.

Sameh conceived, published, presented and tested a radical new model for improving the rate of patient recruitment into clinical drug studies crafted as ‘Centralized Recruitment, Retention and Compliance’. Over several decades, PhoneScreen was involved in hundreds of studies covering numerous therapies and treatments sponsored by more than 55 biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical device companies.

Joe’s LinkedIN profile:

Jonathan Marx, MBA, Chief Marketing Officer

Jonathan Marx, MBA
Chief Marketing Officer
and Co-Founder

Jonathan Marx, MBA has a distinguished career in communications, multi-media and education.  He has been in healthcare since 2001 as President of several startups in medical education initiatives for healthcare professionals and public education projects. 

He has grown businesses in medical writing training providing training webinars and materials for the staff of the US Centers for Disease Control and medical writers from thirty countries since 2011. 

He has been President of InQuill Medical Communications, LLC which has written technical papers for numerous large organizations and grants, as well as founded worldwide initiatives on adult ADHD and connections between nutrition and mental health in teamwork with world-renown specialists.

Prior to his healthcare endeavors, Marx served as Senior Executive in numerous communications companies – as Senior Vice President for Viacom Cable, VP of Strategy for the Pacific Bell Yellow Pages, and President of ISP Channel, a pioneer in high-speed internet.

Jonathan’s LinkedIN profile:

Gregori Kanatzidis, Chief Technology Officer

Gregori Kanatzidis
Chief Technology Officer
and Co-Founder

Gregori Kanatzidis is CannaTrials’ Chief Technology Officer.

He is an entrepreneur and software engineer with extensive experience designing, building, and delivering products in the web and mobile space. His accomplishments include launching products that support high-volume ecommerce for more than 600 physical locations across the United States.

He is well-versed in the critical needs of privacy and security in software and brings that knowledge to CannaTrials’ IT and engineering operations.


Gregori’s LinkedIN profile:

Gregori Kanatzidis, Chief Technology Officer

Julie Knytych Nabors, MA
Business Development

Julie Knytych Nabors, MA, is an experienced Sales and Business Development professional with a passion for health, wellness and education.  After finishing her stint as an accomplished Division 1 and Professional Voleyball player, Knytych Nabors earned her Masters Degree In Education. Her competitive nature coupled with love of learning is what brought her into the Sales and Biz Dev space she excels in today. 

For the last 5 years she has consulted with HealthCare Providers to develop various programs and revenues stream which benefit not only the patient, but the Provider’s practice as well. As a consultant, Julie is able to bring her ability to connect players in the cannabis space together with the healthcare  world to further the mission of CannaTrials. 

Julie’s LinkedIN profile:

Advisory Board

Joseph Sameh, President

Pouya Mohajer, MD
Pain Medicine and Anethesiology
Primmed Pain Clinic Las Vegas

Pouya Mohajer, M.D. holds board certification in Anesthesiology and Interventional Pain Medicine and also serves Director of Spine and Interventional Medicine for CellAxys: Age, Regenerative, and Interventional Medicine Centers.

Dr. Mohajer is fellowship-trained in Pain Management from Harvard University’s Brigham and Woman’s Hospital. He completed his residency in Anesthesiology at Rush-Presbyterian St. Luke’s Medical Center-Chicago. Dr. Mohajer is also a proud alumnus of University of California, Los Angeles and Finch University of Health Sciences. He has used his exemplary background to offer his patients dedicated care and effective modalities.

PriMMed (formerly Southern Nevada Pain Specialists) helps patients achieve a healthy lifestyle. Our advanced pain physicians tailor a comprehensive treatment model that provides each patient with an individualized management plan with a spectrum of treatment components. 

Dr. Mohajer, M.D. is board certified in Anesthesiology and Interventional Pain Medicine. He obtained his medical degree from American University of the Caribbean and completed his residency in Anesthesiology at Rush-Presbyterian St. Luke’s Medical Center. Dr. Mohajer was fellowship trained in Interventional Pain Medicine at Harvard University and Brigham Woman’s Hospital.

Joseph Sameh, President

Albert Khavkin, DO
Khavkin Clinic Las Vegas

Albert Khavkin, DO is an anesthesiologist and has been in practicing medicine for over 30 years. He received his first Medical degree in Moscow, Russia.  After relocating to the United States, he completed his second medical degree in the US as an Osteopathic physician with an emphasis on a holistic approach to working with patients.

Dr. Khavkin enhanced his training by completing his anesthesiology residency in Chicago and now focuses his practice on providing anesthesia and pain management services for a wide variety of medical conditions. Dr. Khavkin’s broad knowledge and experience in medicine serves CannaTrials well as CannaTrials researches the best products for patient care.

Isaac Malafsky, JD copy, Advisory Board, CannaTrials

Brent Whitely 
Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr Brent Whitley is a chiropractor from Colorado and has practiced and lived in 10 different countries to better understand how home remedies are used in various societies. He graduated from the University of Colorado with a degree in Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology and a minor in Bio-Chemistry. He received his Doctorate of Chiropractic from Life University in Atlanta, Georgia.

He has a passion for natural and alternative healing and molecular studies on cannabis. He has studied the healing effects of cannabis for many conditions, including cancer and Crohns disease for over 2 decades. He likes to teach that an open nervous system, a clear mind and good nutrition, allows the body to heal itself from anything.

Isaac Malafsky, JD, Advisory Board, CannaTrials

Lawrence D. Mishkin, JD
Attorney at Law

Lawrence D. Mishkin is counsel to the Hoban Law Group based in Denver, Colorado and has his own civil practice, Mishkin Law, LLC, in Northbrook, Illinois which represents entrepreneurs and small to mid-size businesses. A lawyer for over 30 years, Larry has traditionally focused his practice on assisting his clients in state and federal litigation, appellate and administrative matters including alternative dispute resolution options (arbitration and mediation) when appropriate.

In 2013, he expanded his practice to include representing groups seeking marijuana dispensary and cultivation licenses in Illinois as well as business interests ancillary to the medical marijuana market. Since that time, Larry’s cannabis based practice has greatly expanded in Illinois and nationwide to now include representations of third party providers to cultivation centers and dispensaries, manufacturers of infused and other cannabis and CBD based products, Illinois health care professionals, Illinois patients, cannabis based investment funds and holding companies, the International Cannabis Association (General Counsel), cannabis industry business consultants, and My Compassion (Legal Counsel), a Michigan based patients advocacy group committed to educating local residents and health care professionals on their rights, duties and risks under the Illinois medical cannabis program. 

Larry regularly consults with and counsels persons and groups looking for entry into the medical and adult use cannabis industry as well as the national hemp and CBD markets. As a regular presenter on the cannabis business conference and trade show circuit, Larry has developed a strong network of connections with persons in all parts of the legal cannabis and hemp industries throughout this country and in Canada and parts of Europe. He earned his B.A. degree from the University of Michigan and his J.D. degree from the University of Missouri.

Isaac Malafsky, JD, Advisory Board, CannaTrials

Jerrod Nelms, PhD MPH
Epidemiologist, Biostatistician

Jerrod Nelms, PhD, MPH is an expert in epidemiology, biostatistics, and public health. He is a proven leader with nearly a dozen years of experience in health research.

Dr. Nelms is a master in clinical study design and execution as well as an advocate for the medicinal use of cannabis products. 

He is consultant to CannaTrials, advising on study protocol design, statistical analysis, clinical study reporting, and trial oversight.  Dr. Nelms is also a contributor to CannaTrials’ growing library of educational blogs and videos.

Isaac Malafsky, JD, Advisory Board, CannaTrials

Isaac Malafsky, JD
Attorney at Law

Isaac Malafsky, JD, graduated Chicago-Kent College of Law and focuses his practice on corporate, securities, and entertainment law. He has served as Intellectual Property Fellow and Associate Editor for the Journal of Intellectual Property and the Institute for Compliance at Chicago-Kent.

Isaac has experience in federal litigation, trademarks, copyrights, and financial services regulatory enforcement matters. In addition, he brings broad experience in data management and data normalization solutions for enterprise applications.  Isaac’s experience in copyrights, trademarks and regulatory enforcement matters brings added strength to the CannaTrials team as the company navigates a shifting regulatory environment.

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