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Our Vision for YOU, the DOCTOR


  • Introduces doctors to the benefits of cannabis therapy.

  • Provides doctors with answers to patient questions about cannabis.

  • Encourages doctors to innovate with local cannabis clinical trials without having to handle study product.

  • Provides ongoing continuing education for doctors and staff about medical cannabis.

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Interested in participating in a Medical Cannabis Clinical Trial?

How This Works

1. You Submit your Application below.

2. We confirm receipt and hold your information in confidenceaccording to Good Business Practices and GDPR Regulations.

3. We review your Location and “Health Conditions of Interest” , and CONTACT YOU a) to discuss trial design and implementation as PI, or b) participation in an existing trial as a Clinical Site.

4. We keep in touch with you via email to educate you about new developments in trials and treatment.

5. As a PI, we provide Clinical Trial Services during implementation.

6. You can download our Clinical Trials Brochure here

Frequently Asked Questions

Our doctor will screen you for inclusion in the Trial to assure the Trial is appropriate for you. Cannabis has been used for centuries, and its use in medicinal amounts does not cause injury or death. To assure yourself, you can read more about the National Academies of Medicine 2017 report on safety and benefits of medical marijuana here.

Yes! Based on your Health Conditions of Interest, we can engage your office in a Clinical Trial that is being designed or is in progress.  You will complete a separate application for the specific trial, and your office will assist with patient recruitment and scheduling without handling any cannabis product.  You will receive study analysis and reporting when the Trial is complete.

Each Trial is designed for a specific period of time.  You can expect to be involved in a Trial for 4-6 weeks.  You consent to the Trial design and time commitment at the time we approach you with an active Trial.

Your office time commitment will be described in the Trial design, and will include two or more visits for each patient during the Trial. You will be remunerated for each patient visit that is reported through our system.

We will stay in touch with you before, during, and after the Trial when you share your Contact Information to the RIGHT.  When you engage in a Trial, you will be given contact information of all relevant parties, know where to go and when, and be able to contact us or the PI directly.

Apply to Participate in a Clinical Trial

Doctors Apply Here