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We organize cannabis research to demonstrate medical benefits of specific cannabis products for diseases and conditions.

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The five audiences CannaTrials serves

Tuesday, January 30, 2019

CannaTrials announces The PROMMISE Study, a nationwide survey of how patients use medical marijuana to address symptoms of health conditions.

All US residents are invited to participate in this Study, which will be used to educate healthcare professionals, the public, government, and producers on how individuals are using cannabis in various forms to medicate.  It’s time we had science behind the claims. 

Please join us TODAY.  Results will be published before July 1.

Our Vision

Medical Cannabis is:

  • Evaluated fairly by medical science and government for its benefits and risks for public consumption.

  • Tested via clinical trials through local partnerships of consumers, physicians, processors, growers, and dispensaries.

  • Manufactured and labeled accurately with content information and proven health benefits.

  • Regulated at the State level to reflect State values and achieve mutual benefits for all parties.

Raphael Mechoulam, the discoverer of the bodily endocannabinoid receptor system,  and possibly cannabis’ greatest researcher, considers cannabis a “medicinal treasure trove waiting to be discovered.”

How can we help you?

Are you a PATIENT suffering with symptoms and want to know how medical marijuana might help?

Are you a DOCTOR wanting to help your patients with clinical evidence about cannabis?

Are you a PROCESSOR / GROWER who would like to prove health benefits of your product so you can help more patients?

Are you a DISPENSARY wanting to provide better health information to more clients?

Are you a GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL wondering about product standards and labeling, wanting to do good with your tax dollars?

Who we are

A TEAM of seasoned professionals in:

  • clinical trials
  • accredited medical education
  • dissemination
  • online apps
  • medical cannabis

Our goal at CannaTrials is to initiate and support cannabis-based research. We can help you design, implement, manage and close-out your study. We have decades of experience and thousands of trials under our belt.

We bring together patients, investigators and study sponsors to help assure rapid, accurate, and ethical recruitment, retention, and compliance of cannabis studies. Our predictive modeling helps assure success.

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